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large diameter high transmittance UV quartz glass disc glass sheet

large diameter high transmittance UV quartz glass disc glass sheet

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Quartz plates are usually made by smelting, cutting and grinding quartz, and their silica content can reach more than 99.99%.
The hardness is seven on the Mohs scale, and it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance and good electrical insulation performance.
Usually colorless and transparent, the visible light transmittance is above 85%. As a quartz disc company, today I will talk to you about the application areas of quartz sheets.
 large diameter high transmittance UV quartz glass disc glass sheet

Technical Date

Density 2.203 g/cm3
Hardness 7 (Modified Scale); 5.36.5 (Mohs Scale)
Tensile strength 48.3 MPa
Compressive strength >1.1 GPa
Bulk modulus ~37 GPa 
Rigidity modulus 31 GPa 
Poisson's ratio 0.16
Coefficient of thermal expansion 5.5×10-7 cm/(cmK) ( from 20°C to 320°C)
Thermal conductivity 6.2 W/(mK)
Softening point 1730°C 
Annealing point 1180°C 
Strain point 1075°C 
Electrical resistivity >1018 Ωm
Dielectric constant 3.75 at 20°C 1 MHz
Quartz tubes are drawn through vertical continuous fusion. Domestic state-owned enterprises and individual private companies introduced European equipment 30 years ago.
After 30 years of development, conventional-sized quartz tubes have become very mature.
The processing of quartz chips is traditionally achieved by cutting quartz ingots or cutting and flattening quartz tubes.
Quartz is not a metal. Any link involving horizontal cutting and polishing is very troublesome and the cost remains high.
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