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Notes on selecting quartz tube

Notes on selecting quartz tube

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Quartz tube products are valuable resources. It is necessary to handle them with care and care.
All kinds of quartz tubes have a maximum operating temperature, which can not be used, otherwise crystallization or softening deformation will occur;
It is necessary to scrub and clean the quartz tube which needs to be used at high temperature. It can be soaked with 10% hydrofluoric acid or lotion, then washed with high-purity water or treated with alcohol. During operation, it is necessary to wear fine gloves and never touch the quartz glass directly by hand; under high temperature, continuous use of quartz tube products is allowed, which has advantages for extending the service life of quartz glass and improving the function of temperature resistance. On the contrary, the frequency of using quartz tube products intermittently at high temperature is limited;
Although the quartz tube material has a high thermal stability, it can suffer from sharp temperature change. However, in practical application, due to the difference between the residual strain and the shape of the product, there are certain differences in thermal stability, which should be paid attention to during application;
Quartz pipe system acid data, high temperature must avoid contact with alkaline substances (such as water glass, asbestos, potassium and sodium compounds), otherwise it will greatly reduce its anti crystallization function.
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