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Precautions for using quartz glass tube!

Precautions for using quartz glass tube!

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Precautions for using quartz glass tube!
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1. Precautions for using quartz glass tube:
  Because the quartz glass tube is a relatively expensive material, you need to pay attention to:
   1. All kinds of quartz glass have a maximum operating temperature, and this temperature should not be exceeded during use, otherwise it will crystallize or soften and deform.
  2. Quartz glass is an acidic material. When used at high temperatures, strictly avoid contact with alkaline substances (such as water glass, asbestos, potassium and sodium compounds, etc.), otherwise its anti-crystallization performance will be greatly reduced.
  3. Quartz glass products are allowed to be used continuously under high temperature, which is good for prolonging the life of quartz glass and improving temperature resistance. Conversely, if quartz glass products are used intermittently at high temperatures, the number of uses is limited.
  4. Although the quartz glass material has extremely high thermal stability, it can withstand drastic temperature changes. However, in actual use, due to the difference in residual strain and product shape, there is a certain difference in thermal stability, so attention should be paid when using it.
   5. Quartz glass that needs high temperature use must be wiped clean before use. It can be soaked with 10% hydrofluoric acid or lotion, and then cleaned with high-purity water or treated with alcohol. Wear fine-line gloves during operation, and direct hand contact with quartz glass is not allowed.
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