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What are the advantages of high borosilicate glass water cups

What are the advantages of high borosilicate glass water cups

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What are the advantages of high borosilicate glass water cups

What are the advantages of high borosilicate glass water cups

High borosilicate glass utilizes the characteristics of conductive glass at high temperatures, adopts advanced production technology, and realizes glass melting by heating inside the glass.
Since the linear thermal expansion coefficient is (3.3±0.1)*10-6/K, it is also called "borosilicate glass 3.3".
It is a special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high height, high hardness,
high light transmittance and good chemical stability. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in solar energy, chemical industry,
pharmaceutical packaging, electric light source, craft jewelry and other industries.

High borosilicate glass has a very low thermal expansion coefficient, which is only about one-third of that of ordinary glass.
This will reduce the effect of temperature gradient stress, resulting in stronger fracture resistance. Because of its very small shape deviation,
it can be used as a basic material for telescopes, mirrors, and high-level nuclear waste processing.
High borosilicate glass will not break easily even when the temperature changes suddenly. Borosilicate glass has a high coefficient of expansion.
Generally speaking, if you take the cup out of the refrigerator and immediately put it in the hot water that has just been opened,
the cup will not break at a temperature of minus 20 degrees to over 130 degrees. There is no problem with single-layer glass products.
It is also OK to put it in a microwave oven or dry it on an open flame for 20 minutes. Perborosilicate is mainly used in glass products, microwave ovens,
solar tubes, chemical reactors, chemical reaction vessels, etc. It is currently the safest drinking water product in the world.

The water and acid resistance of high borosilicate glass is Grade A, alkali resistance is Grade A, and the harmful components of the glass are less than 0.1%.
It is a heat-resistant glass widely used at home and abroad, but general heat-resistant glass is not necessarily true borosilicate glass. Instead, use other glass instead to reduce costs.

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