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Performance and category of high temperature oven glass

Performance and category of high temperature oven glass

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Performance and category of high temperature oven glass
High temperature oven is used to bake food or dry products. The glass installed on the oven door is called high temperature oven glass. Due to the different types of oven, the requirements of oven glass are also different. 
Performance of high-temperature oven glass: the high-temperature oven glass shall have good transparency, temperature resistance and mechanical strength, so that the operator can clearly observe the situation of materials in the oven under high temperature.
Category of high temperature oven glass:
1. 300 ℃ high temperature oven glass:
This product is mainly used in household oven and industrial oven with temperature not higher than 300 ℃, the product can withstand temperature of 300 ℃, which is the most commonly used oven glass, suitable for observing the baking state of various bread, meat, pizza, egg tarts, sterilization of substances, dehydration of products, etc. The 300 ℃ oven glass can bear the temperature difference of 200 ℃, and can bear the rapid temperature rise and drop in this temperature range.
2. 500 ℃ high temperature oven glass
This product is mainly the glass used in the industrial oven. The temperature resistance of the product is 500 ℃, the temperature difference between the cold and the hot is 300 ℃, the quality is light, and the transparency is high. It can be used in the high temperature oven of the electronic, medical, hardware, laboratory, photoelectric and other industries. The maximum size of the product is 1200 * 750mm.
3. High temperature oven glass above 500 ℃
This product is mainly used in the oven with working temperature higher than 500 ℃, which is a precision high-temperature oven, so the requirements for oven glass are relatively strict. At present, there are 860 ℃ and 1200 ℃ oven glass on the market which are suitable for this kind of oven.
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