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How to clean optical glass lenses disc daily?

How to clean optical glass lenses disc daily?

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How to clean optical glass lenses daily?
Optical glass cleaning, optical lens, prism cleaning, camera lens cleaning, etc., all need ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Recently, several customers have reported that the cleaning is not clean and the cause of the problem has been found.
The cleaning engineer of Mingkang Industry checked in the past and found that some manufacturers rarely maintain equipment, causing water pollution.
The polluted water has a chemical reaction with the syrup. Cause the potion to fail to clean and not dry. Optical glass lens cleaning process
1. Power supply: The power distribution power used must exceed 70% of the ultrasonic machine's rated power, because only when the power distribution power is sufficient,
the frequency of the ultrasonic device's sounding vibrator will not be affected; the unstable power supply voltage is caused by the ultrasonic wave.
One of the important reasons for the impact.
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2. No liquid in the washing tank or insufficient liquid level will cause irreversible damage to the equipment.
When using it, ensure that sufficient washing liquid is injected into the tank, otherwise the related electric heaters, pumps, and ultrasonic vibrators may be damaged and damaged.
It may cause fire and personal injury.
3. Be careful not to splash water into the electrical control box and related electrical components, and keep away from water vapor, corrosive gas, dust, etc.
4. The optical products that need to be cleaned should be hung up with a washing basket or hanger with feet, and placed in the tank for washing.
It is forbidden to put optical products directly into the bottom of the tank for washing, otherwise it may cause damage to the optical products or the bottom of the tank. ; Normal operation is the basic requirement to ensure that the product is cleaned OK.
5. When the ultrasonic equipment is working, there may be high temperature, high pressure, electrical component terminal surface electrification,
transmission mechanism movement, pressure sudden and other factors that may cause personal injury in the body.
It is necessary to check the transmission motor and transportation mechanism before starting the machine. , Whether the water circulation system is normal,
the water pressure and other items.
6. When the equipment is out of service for a few days, it is recommended to drain the potion,
and then clean the potion tank, and protect it with a film to prevent corrosion and aging.

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