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7in Mini Skull Bubbler Glass Hookah Glass Beaker Pipe

7in Mini Skull Bubbler Glass Hookah Glass Beaker Pipe

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7in Mini Skull Bubbler Glass Hookah Glass Beaker Pipe

Glass Smoking Pipe,Glass Water Pipe,Glass Beaker Pipe


Mouthpiece - the part you inhale the smoke from.

Neck - this connected the mouthpiece to the rest of the pipe.

Ice Pinch - some shisha will have an ice pinch to hold ice cubes in the neck to cool the smoke.

Percolators - help diffuse the smoke through water to filter impurities from it.

Chamber - the larger the chambers, the more surface area and the better cooling effect they will achieve.

Base - a thick heavy base prevents the pipe from falling over.

Downstem - the downstem connected the bowl to the main chamber.

Joints - this is where two parts of the shisha meet. Ensure the joint sizes and gender are correct for any ash catchers or bowls you want to use with your pipe.

Bowl - is where you place the dry herb to be combusted.

Code Shape Common Color
PC Beaker material Customized
1. The above size are common sizes. We can customized sizes according to customer's requirements without extra charge.
2. We can customized colors, logos, labels and so on.

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