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What are the advantages of smart switch glass panels

What are the advantages of smart switch glass panels

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What are the advantages of smart switch glass panels

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Smart touch switches are not unfamiliar to everyone now. The times are constantly evolving. Now many homes and public places have adopted smart switch glass panels. Let me briefly talk about the advantages of smart switch glass panels. What are the advantages of smart switch glass panels
1. High security
Since this switch is a glass panel, it uses a fully enclosed design, so we are not prone to damage during use. The touch switch glass panel has high safety. The two-layer fully sealed panel is used. Even if we operate with wet hands, we can use it with confidence. It has good waterproof and moisture resistance. It is not prone to electric shock and leakage during use. Phenomenon.
2. Fast response
This kind of switch has a fast response speed. When our toilet paper is close, it will quickly sense it, and then control the computer to turn on the switch. When our finger touches the switch panel, it will respond quickly in less than 0.05 seconds. It can be said that how fast your finger is, how fast it reacts. It has a wide range of applications. In addition to corridors and home appliances, there are also many electronic products that now use touch switches.
3. Luminous navigation
Nowadays, many touch switches are designed with the needs of special groups of the elderly, children, etc. taken into consideration, starting from their characteristics. The large touch switch is provided with a luminous LED touch prompt. We don't have to worry about the old people looking for the switch in the dark, and no longer feel scared because they can't find the switch. Even in the dark night, we can see the location of the switch at a glance.
4. Easy to clean
Since its switch is touch-sensitive, the panel is very thin, and there is a related dust-proof design. Even if it is used for a long time, we don't need to worry about dust falling on the switch panel. It is easy to clean and does not require special maintenance.
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