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borosilicate glass tube for 7 pipe twisty glass blunt

borosilicate glass tube for 7 pipe twisty glass blunt

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A gentleman from the UK, sent me a inquiry, asked the OD 17mm, thickness 2mm, length 86mm, food grade glass tube. According to our many years of export experience, as well as after the Google in the understanding of customer information, know that customers are a manufacturer of 7 pipe glass blunt the need to import glass tube. Because the product with the human body in direct contact, so the glass tube, we are generally selected, food grade borosilicate glass as a material.
Borosilicate glass can resistant about 500 degrees high temperature, and it is food grade. So the borosilicate glass tube is the best choice, and then we have discuss about the quantities and delivery time. Then we sent he our best offer, with the estimated freight. In general, our delivery time is 15 working days.
After two days, our customer place the final order 1000pcs, although this is a small order for us, but in order to be able to establish a good business relationship with customer, we are pleased to accept the customer's request.
After two weeks we finished and packaged the items, and sent to customer. He was very happy to receive the items, and told me he will place another order soon.
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