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How to clean high temperature furnace glass?

How to clean high temperature furnace glass?

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How to clean high temperature furnace glass?
High temperature furnace glass is usually cleaned with dry ice. The dry ice particles ejected by the dry ice cleaner accelerate in the very high pressure air flow and impact on the boiler wall of the cleaned boiler. The unique feature of dry ice between other boiler cleaning methods is that the dry ice particles vaporize instantly when they impact the dirt! The dry ice disappears in the moment when the pillars are impacted, so the heat exchange between the dry ice and the boiler dirt makes the carbon dioxide particles sublimate into gas instantly! During this period, the dry ice particles expanded about 800 times in an instant! A small explosion was formed on the dirt on the inner wall of the cleaned boiler! Carbon dioxide volatilizes at the same time of explosion. During dry ice cleaning, no other waste will be generated, only the dirt on the boiler wall will be removed.
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Dry ice boiler cleaning can clean the boiler in a short time, avoid long-time shutdown of the boiler, avoid boiler damage caused by improper cleaning of equipment due to other cleaning methods, it can be said that it is very convenient and quick to clean high-temperature equipment, reduce the use of various chemical detergents, reduce the degree of environmental pollution, and greatly ensure the cleaning staff Health, dry ice cleaning increases the speed and efficiency of maintenance, and low cost.
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