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Common types of quartz instruments in laboratory

Common types of quartz instruments in laboratory

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Common types of quartz instruments in laboratory
1. Test tube
(1) It can be heated directly. When heating, the outer wall should be wiped dry, clamped with test tube or fixed on the iron frame platform with iron clamp;
(2) When heating the solid, the nozzle is slightly inclined downward, and the solid is laid on the bottom of the tube;
(3) When heating the liquid, the nozzle shall incline upward at 45 ° to the table top, and the liquid volume shall not exceed 1 / 3 of the volume, and the nozzle shall not face the person.
2. Volumetric flask
The quartz glass instrument volumetric flask is used to accurately prepare a solution of a certain amount and concentration of a substance,
Check whether there is water leakage. Use it under the marked temperature. Add liquid and drain it with glass rod. The concave liquid level is tangent to the scale line. Do not store the solution for a long time.
3. Crucible
The quartz crucible is used to burn the solid to react,
It can be heated to high temperature by direct fire, placed on the mud triangle, clamped with crucible tongs, and cannot be cooled suddenly.
4. Separating funnel
It is used to separate liquids with different densities and immiscible with each other. It can also be used to assemble a reactor to add liquids at any time.
Before use, check whether there is liquid leakage. Open the upper cover or align the groove on the plug with the hole on the upper mouth, and the upper liquid will be poured out from the upper mouth.
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