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Types of chemical container mirrors

Types of chemical container mirrors

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Types of chemical container mirrors
Chemical container sight glass is a special sight glass installed on various chemical containers (such as tower, tank, heat exchange equipment, reaction container, etc.). PanChao is a professional manufacturer of chemical container sight glass. Its products are mainly as follows:
(1) storage and transportation container mirror
The product is mainly used for mirrors on storage containers such as storage tanks and tanks. The storage and transportation containers are mainly used to contain raw gas, liquid and liquefied gas for production and living. The storage and transportation container mirrors can select ordinary mirrors, acid and alkali resistant mirrors, etc. according to the nature of the medium.
(2) heat exchange vessel mirror
This kind of product is used in the heat transfer capacity of evaporators, heaters, coolers, heat exchangers, colorators, sulfonation pots, evaporators, preheating pots, vulcanization pots, etc. the mirror has very good temperature resistance performance, and the safe working temperature is 300 ℃, 500 ℃, 1200 ℃, etc.
(3) reaction vessel mirror
This kind of product is a mirror used on reaction vessels such as reactors, reactors, generators, digesters, polymerizers, autoclaves, synthesis towers, shift furnaces, etc. it can observe the physical and chemical reactions of media. Generally, the mirror has good high-pressure resistance performance, and the maximum safe working pressure can reach 35MPa.
(4) separation container mirror
This product is used for separators, copper scrubbers, oil collectors, filters, scrubbers, buffers, dryers and other separators. Such mirrors need to choose the corresponding products according to the performance of the container, usually with several types of high temperature, high pressure and high temperature and high pressure resistance.
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